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The bike ride to forever

Andy McKee-Ebon Coast

Off The Air – Animals – Adult Swim

Off The Air – Animals – Adult Swim.



They just re-added FarScape to Netflix. I am just so fucking happy.

Shpongle – Nothing Is Something Worth Doing

Stupid store

My place is closed for 2 min! Don’t these people realize that I have nothing to do???? Guys more likely taking a shit.


The weather here sucks. From what I have read it’s everywhere.

My brother.


We have come this far

with technology that now, it may be the only thing that saves us. – Moray Eel Eats Diver’s Thumb For Lunch

via – Moray Eel Eats Diver’s Thumb For Lunch.

Just wait

Time stamp this shit.


There will be a paid journalist that will say the democrats set up the GOP to fail themselves, paid by democrats. I say this now because I just came from the future.

Loop Guru – The Third Chamber (Part 4)

Yours and mine

If I have to study your book to argue, why don’t you have to study mine?

It sucks

when even your family is politically blind.

Inquiri – Even If – YouTube

Inquiri – Even If – YouTube.

1976 F100 Supercab


Third Floor

I love having a private third floor balcony. No damn bugs.